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Pension in Schkopau Pension für Montage u.Leiharbeiter

Pension für Montage u.Leiharbeiter (Schkopau) secluded tv set internet wlan
Pension Schkopau Pension für Montage u.Leiharbeiter picture 1 house description:
The pension is situated near the v. chemical plants Buna u.Leuna in place Schkopau. At your disposal are three twin bedrooms, a compl. Fitted kitchen m. Dining area and TV, and a bathroom m. Shower and toilet. Especially the accommodation for mechanics and temporary workers is. Pension is structured as a granny flat.
pricing conditions:
Price per person / night from only 16, - EUR possible, the prices depend on the length of stay.
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min. price: 16.00 €
categorisation: -
beds: 6
journey description:
secluded, tv set, internet wlan.
Pension für Montage u.Leiharbeiter
Bahnhofstraße 2
6258 Schkopau
phone: 03461/722722
fax: 03461/260372
email: send inquiry