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Saxony-Anhalt is one of 16 states in the Federal Republic of Germany. It covers a total area of 20,445 sq km (12,676 sq. miles). By size, it is the 8th largest state in Germany, and by population, the 10th largest. It borders the states of Brandenburg, Saxony, Thuringia and Lower Saxony. The landscape of Saxony-Anhalt is quite varied. From the region of Altmark in the north, the state extends from the Magdeburg region, a vast lowland, through the Harz, a low mountain range, until one comes to Thuringia. The highest mountain in the vicinity is Brocken, with an elevation of 1,141 meters (3,735 ft). Below the summit, there is a national park called Hochharz, which is an extensive wildlife sanctuary. All of this, as well as many other beautiful places of interest, are easily reachable on day excursions.