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Private landlord in Bitterfeld Privatvermieter Kasperski

Privatvermieter Kasperski (Bitterfeld) family-friendly cyclist-friendly animals permitted secluded tv set
house description:
Our two-family house is situated in a quiet location. Downstairs is our 3 bedroom apartment or private room. We live about 1 km from the Goitzsche u.3 km from the center. Shops are located about 500m.
pricing conditions:
1 night: 20, - € / person from 2 t: 15, - € / person. Apartment: 65 m²

booking request
Private landlord
min. price: 15.00 €
categorisation: -
beds: 6
journey description:
family-friendly, cyclist-friendly, animals permitted, secluded, tv set,
Privatvermieter Kasperski
K. Kasperski
Friesenstr. 21
6749 Bitterfeld
phone: 03493 25653 bzw. 0177 7696669
email: send inquiry